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Improv for Actors 2 Performs!


This is us: Improv for Actors 2.

For two terms, we have studied improv together at the Second City in Toronto as part of the “Improv for Actors” program. In the second class, we lost a few faces and gained a few new ones, but what has always stayed the same is our close bond.

I think I speak for all of my classmates in saying we have a special group, and felt early on that we could really trust one another, which is so important in improvisation. I feel fortunate to have formed close friendships with all my fellow improvisers, to have been inspired by them and to have learned from their abilities.

On June 6, 2012, we put our improv skills to the test: We performed live at the John Candy Box Theatre at the Second City Training Centre in Toronto. There was nervousness and excitement in the air before going on stage. We had so much fun, and based on all the positive feedback we received, we have a lot to be proud of.

A special thanks to Shari Hollett and Chris Earle for being such fantastic teachers!!!

Make A Story

In this game all the players on stage will be telling a story. To make things more interesting, each player is assigned a specific genre. Individual players speak when directed (the director points at the player for their turn), and continues the story, but in their genre. It makes for a very funny scene!

Switch (or Freeze)

Switch/Freeze is an improv exercise with two players performing, and standby players, waiting for a moment to join in. At any given time, one of the standby players can clap their hands and shout out “Freeze!” The two performers on stage must freeze. The standby player then takes the pose of one of the players, and that player leaves the stage. A new scene is resumed. A very fast paced activity.

Sounds Like A Song

“Sounds Like A Song” is an improv activity, where at any given time (an inspired time), a director or audience calls out “Sounds Like A Song.” At that point, the last person who spoke launches into a song based on the last line that was spoken, often accompanied by a pianist. Heightens the scene and adds drama and musicality.

Switch Left

“Switch Left” requires 4 players. The players stand in a square, 2 by 2. Each pair of players receives a suggestion from the audience (a relationship or a non-geographical location). The two players in front begin to perform a scene based on their premise. When the director calls out “Switch Left”, the players rotate one spot to the left. Now, two new players are in front, and act out a different scene. The players rotate, but for every unique couple, their scene stays the same, and continues to evolve as it comes back to their turn. Each player ends up in two different scenes.


Clap is an improv exercise with 3 or 4 couples. One couple performs at a time, and at any given time, one of the standby players can clap. The new couple comes on the stage, and they start their scene (completely different scene) using the last sentence that was spoken by the couple before. Ideally, the exercise ends when all three scenes can end on the same sentence.

Sounds Like A Song 2

It’s such a fun scene, we decided to do another one!

And here’s a happy picture of our incredible class! Here’s to our next performance! 🙂

Toronto Second City Improv for Actors 2 class