Improv Level D Performs


Toronto Second City Improv Level D Class – July 2012

This summer, I moved on from the Second City “Improv for Actors” classes into Improv Level D. Aside from the amazing Tony Rosato, I had a whole new set of classmates. Although it took some time to feel comfortable with my new improv partners, we grew to have a strong bond, and when it came time to our class performance, we had lots of fun improvising together.

I’m a little late posting, but here are the videos of our class performance at the Toronto Second City Training Centre from July. We had some great suggestions from the audience that night.  Forcing me right out of my comfort zone, I performed as the Incredible Hulk, did push-ups on stage, and even sang! But I’d do it all over again (and will soon, for the Level E graduation performance, coming up next month. And since Level E is the graduating class, we will not be performing at the Training Centre, but at the Second City mainstage!)

A special thanks to Leslie Seiler for being such an encouraging and supportive teacher!

Make A Story


Sit, Stand, Bend, Lie

Sounds Like A Song


Character Slap


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